Sometimes I work with small businesses, sole proprietors who need once in a while web design and graphic design assistance in the Asheville area. 

I start with a free one hour consultation and then I write up a proposal to go over all your needs. Projects include mobile friendly websites, marketing materials, logos, or a mobile friendly newsletter. This might also include a Branding Package, if you are just starting out and need guidance for an over all look and feel for your new company. You might only need just an updated business card, or a event flyer. I outline each project you describe a need for, and estimate the time for each project - giving you a good idea of the costs up front. I can also work with you to stay within a monthly budget. Get things done over time.... build your brand and business as it grows.

Branding Packages include a logo, pantone colors, social media icons, fonts and a general discovery period to define your brand. Brands usually also include developing a tagline, and an overall feeling that is reproduced graphically. I've used my friend and Asheville area Massage Therapist Laura Lochbaum, as a great example of working with a local client on a small business that is growing! By the way, Laura is an incredible Massage Therapist, I HIGHLY recommend her!

Many logos are simply text (a font or two) and are always created in Adobe Illustrator to be in vector format so it can be resized large or small. Sometimes you want an icon and text... Sometimes you need a lot more! Most clients need a social media presence, a website and a mobile friendly newsletter as well. I design the logo, then create a social media icon, and facebook cover image and profile square icon to match the look and feel of the company. This then turns into the web browser's "favorite icon" which displays up next to the url in the browser. Then of course your business card, and other marketing materials. The client usually gives feedback, resulting in small changes until they are so excited that what they imagined is now before them!

 Laura Lochbaum's facebook cover image matches her new website and business cards.

Laura Lochbaum's facebook cover image matches her new website and business cards.

Once the logo defines the branding, usually a squarespace website is next. We pow-wow over the elements, the navigation, the graphics.... and within a short period of time, the client is logging into their squarespace site, and discovering how easy it is to edit the site themselves!

We add a blog, newsletter sign up box and social media accounts. I can also help design your newsletter and set up your Mailchimp account for a special price. It's all very straight forward and I love the developing relationships I get from clients that turn into new friends!

Find yourself loving your new website, business card and logo. Be able to post a blog from your phone. Learn how easy it is to review your website's traffic and built-in analytics. Get that brochure you always wanted. Find out how and why people rank in google, and learn those tactics for your new site too.

Graphic design is a fundamental marketing element to your small business. I work with Asheville business owners to create a very affordable business presence, and combine design with marketing skills to give you only the best in layout and web design. I have over 15 years full time professional experience to deliver quality results on time and within budget. I work quickly, and I work with you to achieve your dreams. Contact me today to get started on any size graphic or web design project that you might have a need for - no job to small or too big! Remember, the first hour is a free consultation, so why not call to find out more today? 

Heather Shirin Neff - 828-575-7731 or

“Heather is a highly skilled professional with great creative drive and talent. She is well organized and always delivers an excellent finished product on time. I have worked with many graphic designers over the years and Heather stands out as being exceptional, posessing a wide variety of skills and a great working attitude. Her work speaks for itself, as does her experience.” 

- Joel Schantz, Marketing Director, Selina Naturally, Celtic Sea Salt, Asheville NC

 Local Freelance Graphic and Web Design Services, Asheville NC.

Local Freelance Graphic and Web Design Services, Asheville NC.