Heather Shirin Neff has had many clients. She has also worked full time for major ecommerce companies.

Clientele Include:

Orleans Cultural District, Orleans MA

M.I.T. Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, Boston MA

The Sacred Stylist, Asheville NC

Peppermint OS, Hendersonville NC

Heurista Co., Asheville NC

eCBiz Solutions, Asheville NC

Roper St. Francis Hospital, Charleston, SC

Catawba Valley Medical Center, Hickory, NC

Floyd Polk Hospital, Calhoun, GA

USC School of Business, Columbia, SC

YMCA, Asheville Area Centers, Asheville NC

Asheville Area Arts Council, Asheville NC

ButtonTime Mobile App Development, Los Angeles CA

KG Mentoring, Asheville NC

Eclipse Salon, Asheville NC

Clover Heart Concepts, Asheville NC

Reason to Bake, Brevard NC

Stone Felt, Asheville NC

YardFathers Landscaping LLC, Asheville NC

Laura Lochbaum, Asheville NC

Stephen R. Ham Fine Art, Asheville NC

Creative Get Togethers, Asheville NC

Bone Flower Botanikals, North Hampton MA

Sacred Lotus Tattoo, Asheville NC

Your Body Works, Asheville NC, Asheville NC, Asheville NC

The Painted Candle, Asheville NC, Asheville NC

Propel Health IT, Jackson MS

ICD 10 Collective, Jackson MS

Dee Lee Fine Art, Berkley CA

Jo Ridge Kelly Fine Art, Asheville NC

Mountain Moss Inc., Pisgah Forest, NC, Braintree, MA

Can’t Ride Naked, Canton NC

Katheryn B. Phillips Fine Art, Asheville NC

Edison Projects, Manhatten, NY

Adlib Clothing, Asheville NC

Galery 31, Orleans MA

Artetude Gallery, Asheville NC

Minerva Gallery, Asheville NC

The Updraft Gallery, Asheville NC, Asheville NC

PowerHaus Productions, Asheville NC

Desert Moon Design Studios and Gallery, Asheville NC

Designed Write, Attleboro, MA

FastTrack Ltd. Waltham, MA, Newton, MA, Newton, MA, Boston, MA, Boston, MA, Boston, MA

NetCentric. Co, Boston, MA

Richard Smith, Nashville, TN, Boston MA, Boston MA, Boston MA

Hess Design, Natick MA

SuperSpectrum, Boston MA , Boston MA, Natick MA

Net View Technologies, Boston MA

Omni Guide Inc., Boston MA

Newlane Technology Inc., Boston MA

Blue Moon Puppets , Boston MA

Totalcom Solutions , Boston MA

Neil Forman Productions, Boston MA, Boston MA

Winter Quarters Inc. , Boston MA, Boston MA